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Scheduled Medical Waste Pick-Up Services

AMS can customize a schedule to fit your business needs including weekly and monthly scheduled services. Our trained technicians service your facility by collecting your medical waste and replacing with new equipment.  AMS guarantees your business quality service from picking up your medical waste, transporting it and seeing it through to the destruction phase.

Medical Waste Collection Services

If you have a large volume of medical waste to dispose of or if ongoing disposal services would be of benefit to you, we provide scheduled pick-up services for the convenient disposal of your medical waste. This scheduled service means you can plan a regular collection period based on your particular needs and company requirements; we ensure that you receive flexible solutions to meet your company’s budget and needs.

Regardless of whether you prefer daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly collection, we schedule a time with your facility and will collect and dispose of your medical waste based on your requests. Every pick-up is tracked and secured appropriately, and clients will receive information for tracking purposes, as well as a certificate of destruction upon completion for peace of mind and reference.

When Should You Schedule Medical Waste Pick-up?

Determining how often you need scheduled pick-up of your medical waste is vital for effective functioning of your medical facility or practice. In several circumstances, doctors and other medical personnel get distracted with the many duties associated with seeing patients that collection can fall by the wayside and be forgotten about. Worse, there is high risk during hectic schedules that medical waste may not be disposed of properly.

Scheduling Your Medical Waste Pickup Time May Vary Based on the Following Factors:

The majority of cities and counties have both local and state legislation that is in place specifically for regulating the containment and disposal of medical waste produced in surgical processes, patient care, and other medical procedures. For the security and safety of your medical practice, it is crucial to be aware of the specific regulations that are in place for your practice.

Waste is categorized as either:

  • Medical waste: Waste that is non-contaminated but could be considered injurious to anyone who may come into contact with it. It may also refer to waste that contains bodily fluids, blood, and other human waste that could be classified as potentially infectious.  The kind of medical practice you operate will dictate how regularly your medical waste needs to be scheduled for pick-up.
  • If you produce a large amount of biohazardous waste, you may prefer to schedule regular pick-ups. Biohazardous waste can result in a strong, unpleasant odor if left for an extended period of time prior to pick-up. Sometimes it can lead to medical problems and liability consequences as well.

If you are the owner of a home health care, hospice care, dialysis, or physical therapy institution, you must have the proper medical waste plans in place. While you may be hesitant to adopt a scheduled pick-up service for your medical waste due to budgetary restraints, failing to dispose of this waste properly could potentially lead to infecting the general public. This costly mistake will lead to far greater consequences including the potential for legal action; results that are much costlier than budgeting effectively for this service.

The Risks of Leaving Hazardous Medical Waste Around

As stated by the World Health Organization, if one is exposed to hazardous medical waste it can contribute to the development of health issues, like an injury or serious illness:

  • It can damage cellular genetic information potentially resulting in cancer, or it might be radioactive.
  • Medical personnel are typically the first to be infected by improper disposal of medical waste.
  • Patients and visitors are also at risk of contact, most specifically young children as their often intrigued to investigate unusual sightings in their surroundings, out of curiosity.
  • Workers in support services could also be exposed in scenarios where they wind up having to handle medical waste to properly perform their job duties.
  • Cleaning personnel are usually the first exposed to medical waste that has been improperly disposed of.
  • If medical waste makes it way to city dumpsters, it may pose a threat to facility employees and animals.

It’s simply smart business practice to consider a scheduled pick-up service for your medical waste. If requested, we are happy to assist you in determining how often you should be receiving pick-up services. Essentially it comes down to the level of medical waste your facility accumulates and generates on a regular routine. At AMS Med Waste LLC, you may request regularly scheduled collection, directly online for quick and easy service.