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Pathological & Chemotherapy Medical Waste Disposal Services

Waste that is produced throughout chemotherapy needs to be treated and packaged separately from regular medical waste.  Why is this necessary? Chemotherapy waste can be considered harmful when it contains components of biomedical waste or chemical waste. Proper collection and disposal of this waste are vital in an effort to remain in compliance with strict legislation that regulates chemotherapy medical waste. When it comes to safe collection, it is imperative that specific containers and liners are used, prior to final disposal. Federal and state laws dictate that this type of waste is processed by incineration only.

How is Pathological Waste Defined?

Pathological waste can be tissue, organs, body parts and body fluids that are removed with a surgery, autopsy or other medical procedure. This type of waste is a form of biohazardous waste, which can carry infectious animal bedding, feces, human or animal pathogens and disposable items tainted with human blood or body fluids. Like chemotherapy waste, pathological waste needs to be handled with certain requirements in mind. For instance, disposal must be completed through incineration; a solution our team will provide.

How is Chemotherapy Waste Defined?

Chemotherapy waste is material that has been tainted through contact with chemotherapeutic agents; waste that has or previously contained these agents is also considered chemotherapy waste.  These items include chemotherapy drugs like syringes, drug bottles, needles, etc. Each of these items needs to be disposed of as hazardous waste.

Pathological & Chemotherapy Medical Waste Includes:

  • Laboratory waste
  • Surgical specimens/tissues
  • Fluid blood/blood products
  • Medical waste contaminated with excretions, exudates, secretions, bodily fluids

Our professionals will work with you and your employees throughout the process, ensuring that all of your waste disposal requirements are met. We will design a unique, customized service for each of our clients, based on different needs. We will consider your budget, the type of service you need, and the frequency of the service you require. Our goal is to protect our clients while assisting in lowering medical waste disposal costs wherever we can, without taking away from our quality and efficient service.

Our Pathological & Chemotherapy Medical Waste Services Will:

  • Lower overall costs of your pathological & chemotherapy medical waste disposal
  • Ensure regulatory compliance and safety legislation is met
  • Educate you on waste reduction tips in an effort to reduce overall service costs