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Pharmaceutical Waste Disposal

The safe and proper disposal of your pharmaceutical waste is extremely important. This criticalness stems from strict state and federal laws that dictate specific requirements associated with the careful handling of pharmaceuticals. Furthermore, there are tremendous health risks involved when pharmaceutical waste is not disposed of effectively; much of these risks could negatively impact our environment.

All healthcare facilities, hospitals, retail pharmacies, and residents handling pharmaceutical waste at home, need to be taking the right precautions if and when disposing of pharmaceutical parts. Remaining compliant with these laws is imperative, as failing to do so could lead to fines against your organization, including negative publicity. Protect your company and protect our environment; be extra vigilant in the disposal process at all times.

At AMS Med Waste LLC, we do our best to keep your company compliant with the necessary legislation and ensure this is in fact the case, through the development of a unique collection/disposal program that’s fitting for your company. Our professionals will supply collection containers, schedule an ongoing pickup and remove the risk of medications that could dangerously affect your employees, patients, and of course the environment.

How is Pharmaceutical Waste Defined?

A pharmaceutical can only be classified as hazardous waste if it meets the below requirements:

  • The sole dynamic ingredient in the pharmaceutical that needs to be disposed of is indicated by the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) as waste deemed hazardous.
  •  It is made up of one ingredient or various ingredients, that cause the pharmaceutical to exhibit features of hazardous waste; this may include components that are ignitable, corrosive, reactive/explosive, or toxic/radioactive. Each of these needs to be handled and treated as hazardous waste under RCRA.
  • The components are currently already being regulated by your state environmental agency.

You should take the necessary steps to look after any pharmaceutical waste, if any of the above points apply.

Unfortunately because most pharmaceuticals are medicines that have high concentrations, these concentrations will typically not degrade with time, therefore there’s more room for danger if they are not safely disposed of.

Pharmaceutical Waste Includes:

  • Non-hazardous
  • Controlled substances
  • Prescription drugs
  • Over-the-counter medications
  • Hazardous waste such as physostigmine, warfarin, and chemotherapeutic agents

Our Pharmaceutical Waste Services Will:

  • Keep your healthcare institution in compliance with the RCRA, protecting you from potential fees and penalties
  • Contribute to the protection of our environment through the proper disposal of pharmaceutical waste

AMS Med Waste LLC, supplies sustainable services that save you money and protect you from the threats of improper disposal. Keep your hazardous pharmaceutical waste managed and disposed of the way it should be. We’ll worry about the disposal process for you, providing you with the necessary equipment and tools needed for safe collection.

Our professionals will look after waste from a variety of industries including, industrial, commercial, institutional, and healthcare facilities.  At AMS Medical Waste, we’ll assist you in designing the perfect system and schedule that’s fitting for your business.  If you require disposal services for your pharmaceutical waste on an ongoing basis, or simply need periodic collection, feel free to reach out to our professionals to discuss more.