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Compliance Training

Offering Compliance Training for the Latest Legislation

At AMS Med Waste LLC, we know that it’s difficult to find the time as customers to train employees in regards to medical waste disposal and compliance. Most companies simply do not have the resources or time to dedicate to such training; however it is important your healthcare facility is well familiarized with the specific regulations surrounding medical waste management and disposal. Key regulations have been put into place by local and federal governments, which is why it is so vital you are maintaining proper compliance.

We provide compliance training services to our clients so you can rest assured that the knowledge and processes gained will assist your facility considerably in adhering to all hazardous waste regulations.

A customized training plan will be designed to meet the unique needs of your medical facility. Our priority is to ensure you are equipped with the necessary tools to keep your employees and the public safe from biohazards.

AMS Med Waste LLC is proud to offer industry leading medical waste disposal services to medical and healthcare facilities. Our processes have been developed specifically to limit any risk of injuries and/or accidents at your healthcare facility. Our hope is that our customers can feel confident and safe moving freely throughout their workplace with the proper precautions and systems in place.

For optimal compliance and safety, we follow the below guidelines:

  • We will supply you with a detailed guideline in regards to the collection, separation, handling, and disposal of medical waste and hazardous chemicals.
  • Our best practices include strict compliance with the appropriate regulations implemented by local and federal government.
  • Your employees will gain a wealth of knowledge and training concerning the proper management of your medical waste and correct use of medical waste bags and containers.
  • We will help you decide on the correct waste disposal products that are appropriate and necessary for your facility.