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AMS Med Waste LLC provides Medical Waste Management Services in Northern Illinois, Southern Wisconsin and Northern Indiana. We supply our customers with the most secure and advanced medical waste containers. Infectious waste is transported in our secure vehicles with a GPS tracking system and open/close door sensors. The infectious waste is processed per EPA standards.

About AMS Med Waste

We provide medical waste management services to a variety of industry types:

  • Hospitals: Medical waste disposal companies manage biohazardous waste on a regular basis. Each time a patient is tended to there is a high possibility that medical waste will be generated as a result.
  • Emergency Clinics: Walk-in emergency care clinics also generate a substantial amount of medical waste which is usually contaminated with blood and other bodily fluids, which need to be disposed of safely.
  • Dental Offices:  Dental offices have comprehensive waste disposal requirements and detailed processes that must be followed accurately. Standard medical waste is generated such as contaminated gauze and sharps.
  • Long-term Care Facilities: As nurses treat their patients, day-to-day care of sick or elderly patients involves generating medical waste. Commonly seen are dressings, gloves, cannulas and injection needles, as well as regular medical waste seen in standard hospitals.
  • Physician Offices: Physicians look after significant medical emergencies and chronic diseases. With treatment of patients, medical waste that must be disposed of includes dressings, gloves, pressure bandages, injection needles, and additional items that would be deemed as red bag waste or sharp materials.
  • Funeral Homes: With each service, funeral homes will produce a high volume of medical waste as part of their service. This usually includes sharps, gauze, gowns and any items used in the preparation rooms.
  • Veterinary clinics, shelters or hospitals:  Infectious waste is generated here as well as chemical waste and sharp objects.
  • Schools:  Schools contain infectious agents, cultures, organic tissues found in labs, chemicals and blood products; all of which require special disposal.
  • Laboratories: Whether waste is made up of glass equipment, alcohol and mercury thermometers or hazardous chemicals, it is critical labs adhere to secure medical waste disposal practices.
  • Blood banks:  masks, needles, tubing, blood, gloves are all waste that can be found in blood banks across Illinois.