Pathological Waste: What It Is, How To Dispose Of It

There are many different types of waste in the medical industry and they take various forms. One of the common ones is pathological waste, and it, just like all the others, can be very dangerous when not handled properly. So to that end, lets define what pathological waste is, and the proper way to dispose […]

Proper Medical Sharps Disposal

  Medical waste offers various challenges and health risks at the best of times. It is a constant concern for those that produce and deal with it. Among the different kinds are medical sharps, which pose unique challenges.   To start things off, you may be wondering what medical sharps are. As the name implies […]

What Qualifies As Medical Waste?

What Qualifies As Medical Waste? Any medical provider is going to be faced with the everyday challenge of disposing of medical waste properly. It’s a great responsibility one has to shoulder due to the incredible health risks that are associated with medical waste. In order to avoid the risks and ensure you are achieving the […]