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We Care About Your Safety and the Safety of the Environment

As part of our business philosophy and operations, AMS continuously pursues opportunities to develop recycling programs for all waste streams. Similar to our Store and Shred division where film, paper and electronic media are all recycled, AMS offers options to avoid landfills for our medical waste.

AMS’s process for recycling medical waste emphasizes sustainability as sanitized medical waste is converted into a fuel source to reduce our environmental footprint.

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Healthcare waste is fully sterilized through enclosed ozone treatment system

This process effectively kills all pathogens including bacteria, fungi and viruses

Ozone Treatment has been used to disinfect drinking water for many years

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Agency inspections done quarterly

Regulatory Agencies have
approved processes for the following waste streams:

RCRA Part B Hazardous Waste

Infectious Waste Treatment

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Green alternative
to incineration or landfill

Waste is converted into a high energy liquid fuel to replace coal in cement kilns

Medical waste is completely consumed, burns cleaner than coal and reduces greenhouse gas emissions which improves the environment

Helping to Build a Better Tomorrow

At AMS we have incorporated processes that both securely destroy confidential information and help preserve our natural resources. The medical waste is converted to fuel, shredded paper is sent to a paper mill, shredded film is refined and E-waste is recycled. These materials are then used for an innumerable list of recycled products and energy generation.

We Care About Protecting The Environment

AMS adheres to all rules and regulations set by both federal and state agencies to ensure a cleaner and safer environment.

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Illinois Environmental Protection Agency

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