Medical Waste Containers

AMS Med Waste LLC provides medical waste solutions

Medical Waste Containers

AMS provides a variety of container types and sizes tailored to meet each customer’s specific needs.

Reuseable Containers

Our re-useable red plastic containers are designed to allow our clients to dispose of medical waste safely. The snap-lock lid limits content exposure when not actively disposing of material, and comes with regulated red liner bags used to confine loose medical waste items.

Available in 2 sizes:

18 Gallon (15”H x 19”L x 19”W)
28 Gallon (23”H x 19”L x 19”W)

Reusable Containers

Overflow Container

Along with our red plastic container, AMS also offers a collapsible cardboard box including the regulated red liner bag.

28 Gallon (22.5”H x 18”L x 18”W)

Overflow Container

Disposable Medical Waste and Sharps Container

These disposable containers are designed for small quantity generators and compact enough to be stored in cabinets. They are hermetically sealed with a single circular port in the lid to minimize risk of accidental contact with medical waste and sharps. These containers are PG-II DOT-approved, and can be transported for disposal as-is without the need to transfer into another container.

Available in 2 sizes:

8 Gallon (13.5”H x 13”L x 17.3”W)
12 Gallon (20.8”H x 13”L x 17.3”W)

Based on the needs of each customer, AMS can provide other container types including sharps, trace chemotherapy, pharmaceuticals and hazardous.

Sharps Containers (Non DOT-approved)

Available sizes:
1 Quart Sharps, roto lid
5.4 Quart Sharps, drop hinge
5.4 Quart Wall Cabinet
1 Gallon Sharps, slide lid
2 Gallon Sharps, roto lid

Sharps Containers Non DOT-approved

Sharps Containers (DOT-approved)

Available sizes:
8 Gallon Sharps, roto lid
12 Gallon Sharps, roto lid

Sharps Containers DOT-approved

Trace Chemo Containers (DOT-approved)

Available sizes:
2 Gallon Chemo, flip lid (non-DOT)
8 Gallon Chemo, roto lid
12 Gallon Chemo, roto lid
18 Gallon Chemo, roto lid

Trace Chemo Containers DOT-approved

Pharma / RCRA Containers (DOT-approved)

Available sizes:
8 Gallon Pharma, roto lid
18 Gallon Pharma, roto lid
8 Gallon RCRA, roto lid
18 Gallon RCRA, roto lid

Pharma RCRA Containers DOT approved

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