Medical Waste Services

AMS Med Waste LLC provides medical waste solutions

Healthcare providers are focused on safe, ethical destruction of waste generated in caring for their patients. For too long, choices have been limited resulting in higher costs to the provider. AMS provides a new economical choice in medical waste disposal that uses the safest and cleanest environmentally friendly technology.

  • Medical Waste is converted to fuel and will NEVER see a landfill
  • Customized schedules tailored to fit your business needs
  • Trained and professional service technicians collect waste containers
  • Substantial savings over our larger competitors
  • Responsive Customer Service
  • Customer Friendly Contracts
Secure Medical Waste Containers

Secure Medical Waste Containers

AMS provides a variety of container types and sizes tailored to meet each customer’s specific needs.

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Customer Testimonial

“Thanks again for finding this recycling option for us! It really seems like a great option and I appreciate the ease of the whole process."
Zach R.
Product Development Engineer

Secure Medical Waste Solutions

Serving Northern Illinois and Southern Wisconsin