Making Homemade Hand Sanitizer

Making Homemade Hand Sanitizer One of the best ways to protect yourself and limit the spread of COVID-19 is washing your hands. However, doing so can be difficult when you’re on the go, so that’s where hand sanitizer comes in handy. Since hand sanitizer is in high demand, it is possible that you might not […]

How Masks Help Fight Covid-19

How Masks Help Fight Covid-19 By this point we’ve all heard over and over again that wearing a mask will help prevent the spread of COVID-19. Despite the never ending amount of times people hear this, some either still don’t bother wearing one, or do so in a manner that is incorrect, effectively rendering them […]

Hand Washing Tips: Fighting COVID-19

Hand Washing Tips: Fighting COVID-19 Ok everybody, there’s something we need to talk about, and we all know what it is. Article title aside that is. With COVID-19 spreading globally, and no vaccine to prevent it at the time of writing this article, we need to take some steps to prevent exposure. Despite this, we […]