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How to Manage Your Medical Waste

How to Manage Your Medical Waste

How to Manage Your Medical Waste

If you are working at a medical facility, you probably deal with medical waste on a daily basis. This post is here to help you understand how to manage your medical waste and learn how to handle, separate, store, transport, and dispose of it properly.

Planning & Handling

When handling medical waste, you need to come up with a waste management plan. Identify who will handle which roles and responsibilities and who will oversee the disposal process. It’s also important to know which types and amounts of medical waste you are going to be dealing with.

It’s also important to have proper training in place for the people who are going to be handling the waste. That way, they know how to handle it safely without causing any contamination or injury. It is also helpful to give training reminders so your staff is always fully updated on everything they need to know.

Separation and Storage

There are different types of medical waste and they all need different types of storage containers, so it is important that you are separating each type of waste.

Some of these containers are reusable, meaning that you don’t need to dispose of the container itself, just the bag inside. There are also disposable containers.

It’s important to always monitor the containers to ensure they aren’t overflowing. Once they are full, the containers can be replaced and the waste can be taken for disposal.

Transportation and Disposal

There are two main types of containers. There are containers that are DOT-approved, which means that they are safe for transportation, and there are ones that are not DOT-approved, which means that they cannot be transported unless they are put into another container that is DOT-approved. These waste containers can be bought from waste disposal companies and most medical supply distribution companies

Disposal is always done by a professional waste disposal company that follows regulations and compliance rules that are in place to ensure that your waste has been disposed of safely and properly. It is important to remember that it is the waste generator’s responsibility to be sure that medical waste is placed in the correct container and medical waste stream.

Now that you know how to manage your medical waste properly, you’re prepared to take action. If you are in need of a waste disposal company, then AMS Med Waste can help. For more information, please contact us today

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