Comprehensive Guidelines and Best Practices for Safe Disposal

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Medical Waste Disposal For Veterinarians

Medical Waste Disposal For Veterinarians

Medical facilities don’t only exist for human use. Our furry, feathered, and scaled companions all require medical treatment, and medical treatment leads to medical waste. Just like with human medical waste, proper disposal is critical for safety and legal reasons. Fortunately a professional medical waste company like AMS MedWaste can help you with all of it!

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Sharps Disposal

Needles, scalpels, etc are examples of sharps that are regularly produced during surgical and routine operations. Sharps pose a particularly nasty hazard as they can puncture bags or containers that are not designed to hold them properly. The risk to you is high as well. Sharps are contaminated with fluids and tissue from the patients they were used on. If it punctures your skin you will be contaminated by it, and will require immediate medical attention lest you experience severe medical complications. Proper disposal of sharps is critical to prevent these risks.

Pathological Disposal

Operations will result in tissues, organs, bodily fluids, etc that will be needing disposal in a safe manner. This kind of medical waste possesses series infectious, and bio-hazardous risks that need to be dealt with properly. After any kind of procedure, the tissue from your furry friend isn’t friendly to you anymore. Tossing it into the normal trash leads to major problems, and should never be done ever. Proper containers are the only way to truly safely contain medical waste.

Medical Containers

There are a number of different medical containers you can choose from, and each one has their specific purpose. Solid containers are ideal for the disposal of sharps, as mentioned above, as they provide a solid surface that prevents any punctures. These same containers, as well as something like red bags, are a good choice for the various pathological waste that is generated as well. Their sealable libs prevent exposure and nasty spills.

Much More

We’re not just limited to the few options discussed above. We offer a whole range of medical waste disposal services that will cover just about anything a Veterinarian may need for their operation. To discuss our options, and to help create a plan, contact us and we’ll work out the details with you.

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