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The Benefits of a Medical Waste Disposal Service

Medical waste ready for disposal

The use of a medical waste disposal service is crucial in creating and implementing durable waste management programs. They are an essential part that helps medical offices run smoothly and safely, but what is a medical disposal service? What are all the benefits of using a service like this?

What is a Medical Waste Disposal Service?

A medical waste disposal service is performed by certain companies that will go to medical facilities to help dispose of their different types of medical waste. They offer their services to all different places like hospitals, dental offices, veterinarian clinics, medical offices, and many more.

Medical waste disposal can be tricky; you have to follow specific rules to protect not only yourself but the public and the environment as well. Choosing a medical waste disposal service allows you to stay compliant with ease.

Benefits of Using a Medical Waste Disposal Service


Many medical waste companies will help customize their services to fit your schedule, so if you need it bi-monthly or monthly, they have you covered. They will work with you to find that perfect schedule for your industry, whether a dental office or a hospital.

Stay Compliant

Using a medical waste disposal company will help you stay compliant as there are rules and regulations you need to follow when disposing of medical waste properly. If you don’t follow them properly, you could get fines or worse. Medical waste disposal companies are trained in compliance and follow the strict policies and procedures mandated by the state and federal requirements.

Compliance Training

Some medical waste disposal companies can even provide you with compliance training for your employees. They do this so your employees know proper waste handling, which will be a part of a customized training plan, ensuring that your office is equipped with all the tools needed to keep the public safe.


Most companies that offer medical waste disposal make them eco-friendly, as they will take all the waste and turn it into a fuel source which means that all that waste stays out of our landfills.

Med Waste Containers

These Medical waste services will also help you determine what type of med waste containers you will need based on the type of medical waste your company produces. Some facilities like hospitals might need all the different kinds of containers; others might need one or two. The different types of medical waste containers available and what kinds of medical waste go in them are listed below.

Types of Medical Waste Containers

Pathological Waste: One of the most common types of waste, pathological waste, is any type of human or animal waste like tissues, bodily fluids, organs, and surgical specimens.

Sharps Waste: This type of waste is another common type, sharps waste, and it is any item with a sharp point or edge that could cut or puncture the skin of humans or animals.

Pharmaceutical Waste: Next is pharmaceutical waste which is all types of expired, unused, split, and contaminated pharmaceutical products, vaccines, and serums that are no longer needed.

Chemotherapy Waste: The least common of the four types, chemotherapy waste, is split into two different kinds. Trace waste has a low volume or trace amounts, and bulk waste has more than 3% of the original amount of a chemotherapeutic agent.
If you need a medical waste disposal service, then AMS Med Waste can help. Contact us today.

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