Reduce Medical Waste Costs: Key Strategies for Healthcare Facilities

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According to a March 2019 report titled “Healthcare Waste Management” published by the National Academies Press, healthcare facilities in the United States generate a staggering between 12.6 and 16.1 million tons of medical waste annually. A significant portion of this waste is preventable through simple yet effective practices. Minimizing medical waste isn’t just environmentally friendly; […]

A Guide to Sustainable Lab Practices

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The healthcare industry plays a vital role in our well-being, but its waste generation poses a significant environmental challenge. Thankfully, labs like yours can make a tangible difference by embracing sustainable practices. This guide delves deeper into the “why” and “how” of minimizing medical waste, empowering you to optimize your lab, protect the planet, and […]

What is a Medical Waste Manifest, and Why Is It Important In Healthcare?

In healthcare, proper medical waste management is essential for ensuring the safety of individuals and the environment. At the heart of this process is a document known as a Medical Waste Manifest. This piece of paperwork serves as the official record of the journey of medical waste from its point of generation to its final […]

Effective Healthcare Waste Disposal Methods in Northern Illinois

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In Northern Illinois, the day-to-day operations of hospitals, clinics, and medical offices pile up significant amounts of healthcare waste. It’s no small matter – managing this waste effectively is a pressing concern that can’t be ignored. It’s not just about keeping the premises clean, but it’s also a matter of public health, environmental safety, and […]

Red Bag Waste: What Is It and What Goes In It?

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The healthcare industry, with its vast range of services and procedures, generates a substantial amount of waste. This waste comes from a variety of healthcare facilities, including hospitals, clinics, laboratories, dentist offices, nursing homes, and other healthcare providers. Each type of facility has unique needs when it comes to handling and disposing of medical waste, […]

What Are The Most Common Medical Waste Disposal Errors?

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Medical waste disposal is a critical process that ensures the safety and health of medical staff, patients, and the general public. However, common mistakes can lead to increased risks and potential hazards. This blog post will shed light on the most frequent errors in medical waste disposal and provide guidance on how to avoid them. […]

How Do I Dispose of Expired Medications?

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Expired medications may not only lose their effectiveness, but they can also pose significant risks if misused or improperly discarded. For medical facilities, where the volume of expired or unused medications can be substantial, it’s crucial to dispose of these drugs properly to ensure safety and compliance with regulatory guidelines. Improper disposal of these medications […]

Upholding Regulatory Compliance in Hospitals

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Regulatory compliance in the healthcare sector is crucial, not only for maintaining the reputation and integrity of your hospital but also for ensuring the safety and well-being of your patients. Here, we discuss five best practices to promote regulatory compliance in your hospital.   1. Designate a Compliance Officer One of the first steps in […]

Choosing Right: How AMS MedWaste Addresses the Hidden Costs of Medical Waste Services

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Looking at the medical waste services, it’s easy to think they’re all the same. Some might initially attract you with low prices, but if their service is lacking, you’ll see your costs climb quickly. Let’s spotlight some hidden issues with average medical waste services and show how AMS MedWaste crafts a solution that fits your […]

The Eco-Friendly Solutions: The Role Of Medical Waste Solutions

When managing medical waste, the environment is always a top priority. Medical waste solutions provide a safe and eco-friendly way to dispose of used needles, syringes, and other potentially hazardous materials. With the ever-increasing amount of medical waste generated every day worldwide, finding sustainable solutions has become more critical than ever before. This blog will […]