Medical waste won’t dispose of itself!

According to the World Health Organization, there are several types of medical waste:   Infectious waste: waste contaminated with blood and other bodily fluids (from discarded diagnostic samples), cultures and stocks of infectious agents from laboratory work (waste from autopsies and infected animals from laboratories), or waste from patients with infections (swabs, bandages, and disposable […]

Proper disposal of medical waste can help us cope with the pandemic

Proper disposal of medical waste can help us cope with the pandemic Medical waste disposal is an essential part of pandemic planning and recovery that we need to have during the COVID-19 outbreak. Due to the spread of COVID-19, the government has focused on improving the disposal of medical waste. The topic of medical incinerators […]

A Guide for Sharps Disposal

  A Guide for Sharps Disposal Sharps waste disposal is a crucial part of the medical industry. Improper disposal of sharps waste can lead to serious dangers in transporting infectious and toxic pathogens. Improperly discarded sharps and needles can become infected with blood, bacteria, pathogens, drugs, and other diseases, including HIV and Hepatitis which is […]

The Benefits of a Medical Waste Disposal Service

The use of a medical waste disposal service is crucial in creating and implementing durable waste management programs. They are an essential part that helps medical offices run smoothly and safely, but what is a medical disposal service? What are all the benefits of using a service like this?   What is a Medical Waste […]

What are the Right Medical Containers For You

If you work at a medical office, you know that it is important to use medical waste containers to dispose of your waste safely to reduce the risks of contamination. When it comes to disposing of medical waste properly, you need to make sure that it goes in the proper container as there are different […]

A Guide to Medical Waste Disposal

  Medical waste disposal is one of the largest day-to-day issues faced by healthcare providers. Medical waste must be disposed of in a certain way with appropriate equipment. Since medical waste products may contain harmful chemicals and infectious biological agents, it is highly recommended to use the services of a reputable medical waste disposal expert. […]

How to Manage Your Medical Waste

How to Manage Your Medical Waste If you are working at a medical facility, you probably deal with medical waste on a daily basis. This post is here to help you understand how to manage your medical waste and learn how to handle, separate, store, transport, and dispose of it properly. Planning & Handling When […]

The Different Types of Medical Waste

Potentially Infectious Medical Waste (PIMW) typically falls into several categories: pathological, sharps, pharmaceutical, chemotherapy and other items suspected of being contaminated with infectious pathogens. Disposing of each one requires a specific method that is in compliance with industry standards, state and federal regulations. Medical waste can be produced by many different points of care such […]

Are Reusable Sharps Containers Right For You?

Are Reusable Sharps Containers Right For You? When handling medical waste, safety comes first. Using a sharps container gives you ample protection to make sure no one harms themselves with something sharp. A reusable sharps container has many benefits including being cost-efficient, better for the environment, and having more safety features. First, let’s talk about […]

How Do We Dispose of Medical Waste?

How Do We Dispose of Medical Waste? So you know how to properly handle medical waste, and you understand how important it is to ensure it is done properly due to the grave risks. You recognize the various types of waste and the different considerations that come with them. At this point, you may be […]