Proper Sharps Disposal – Everything You Need To Know

Sharps disposal is an important element of healthcare waste management. Sharps are medical items that can pose serious risks to health and safety if not properly handled and disposed of. Whether you’re managing a healthcare facility, physician’s office, dental practice, or veterinary clinic, it’s essential to ensure sharps containers are in the right place, with […]

Safe Sharps Disposal: Key Practices to Help You Stay Safe

sharps disposal

    Sharps are a necessary part of many aspects of our lives, from giving injections to drawing blood. However, with that comes a responsibility to dispose of them safely and effectively. Improper sharps disposal can lead to serious health risks for both individuals and the environment. In this article, we will discuss some key […]

A Guide for Sharps Disposal

  A Guide for Sharps Disposal Sharps waste disposal is a crucial part of the medical industry. Improper disposal of sharps waste can lead to serious dangers in transporting infectious and toxic pathogens. Improperly discarded sharps and needles can become infected with blood, bacteria, pathogens, drugs, and other diseases, including HIV and Hepatitis which is […]

What are the Right Medical Containers For You

If you work at a medical office, you know that it is important to use medical waste containers to dispose of your waste safely to reduce the risks of contamination. When it comes to disposing of medical waste properly, you need to make sure that it goes in the proper container as there are different […]

Are Reusable Sharps Containers Right For You?

Are Reusable Sharps Containers Right For You? When handling medical waste, safety comes first. Using a sharps container gives you ample protection to make sure no one harms themselves with something sharp. A reusable sharps container has many benefits including being cost-efficient, better for the environment, and having more safety features. First, let’s talk about […]

Using Red Bags: The Do’s And Don’ts

Using Red Bags: The Do’s And Don’ts Among the common types of medical waste containers are red bags, which are of course made to contain medical waste and other biohazardous waste. They’re used by any medical practice that would be producing medical waste. From hospitals, clinics, dentists, and veterinarians, the need for red bags is […]

Proper Medical Sharps Disposal

Proper Medical Sharps Disposal Medical waste offers various challenges and health risks at the best of times. It is a constant concern for those that produce and deal with it. Among the different kinds are medical sharps, which pose unique challenges.   To start things off, you may be wondering what medical sharps are. As […]